Understand every aspect of EU-CaRE’s study with the team

The whole EU-CaRE team met in Lisbon for Europrevent 2019 to discuss about the results of the study.

We used this opportunity to interview the team and discuss with them about the preliminary results of the study.

Take a look at the interviews and learn more about our study!

Prof. Arnoud van’t Hof, The Netherlands

Dr. Astrid van der Velde, The Netherlands

Dr. Carlos Peña, Spain

Dr. Diego Ardissino, Italy

Prof. Eva Prescott, Denmark

Dr. Marie-Christine Iliou, France

Dr. Prisca Esser, Switzerland

Dr. Ed de Kluiver, The Netherlands (in dutch)

Feriel Moatemri, France (in french)

Manuela Sestayo, Spain (in spanish)

Nicolai Mikkelsen, Denmark (in danish)

Dr. Prisca Esser, Switzerland (in swiss german)

Dr. Steffen Schneider, Germany (in german)

Video by SMG