EU-CaRE | The benefits of quitting smoking

As the year starts, we like to make resolutions. The hardest part is to stick to it! Well, we have a good one for you: quit smoking. Whether you’re a longtime smoker or you just picked up the habit, do your heart a favor and say goodbye to tobacco!

Luckily, most of the damage tobacco does to you is reversible. Your body has an incredible ability to heal itself, and it happens quicker than you think! Less than half an hour after you put out your last cigarette, to be precise.

According to the NHS, this is how your body starts to recover when you quit smoking:


  • In the first 20 minutes: your resting heart rate slows
  • After 12 hours: the level of carbon monoxide in your blood decreases
  • After two to twelve weeks: the risk of heart attack decreases and lung function improves
  • After one to nine months: you have less coughing and shortness of breath
  • After one year: your risk of coronary heart disease is reduced by 50 percent.
  • After 10 years: your risk of lung cancer falls to about half that of a smoker
  • After 15 years: your risk of coronary heart disease is the same as a non-smoker’s.

If you have heart disease, it’s not too late to make a difference. If you give up cigarettes after a heart attack, you can cut your risk of having a second one in half.

Check out all the benefits of quitting smoking in the infographic below.

Infographie Tabac EU-CaRE

So… what’s your next resolution? :)

Photo by Mathew MacQuarrie

Infographic by SMG